Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed - Campaign Start

I am a glutton for punishment, now the start of a D&D campaign.  Yes I enjoy the company of others.

The land hereabouts has twelve villages that the Druids of Hunlal use as the focus to form the Taryn’ka – the Circle of Contract Binding.  The grasslands of Gyrus are vast and the bovine heards that roam it migrate with the seasons.  The clans follow the heards, going from one village to the next, leaving a small caretaker family to watch over the site until the clan returns a year from leaving. This has always been the way.  The village is also the site that marks the location of henge stone marker, one of the twelve that form the Binding.

Aspirant Chog an Orc from the druid’s bloodline has entered the location where our druid rests.  The locals are not overly fond of orcs, having been raided often by these foul brutes for many hundreds of years.  The typical tradition of greeting is to stone them if they seem weak enough to defeat.  The noise of the stoning attracts the attention of our druid who for nothing better to do - breaks the boredom of existence and investigates.  Surprise is in order when it is discovered that it is none other than Chog.  The druid takes a moment during the locals search for more suitable stones to hurl and approaches the bleeding orc.  Through blood clogged eyes he sees your shadow and senses you, he looks up then recognizes you.

“Master call you home - oath bound, before the rising of the new moon.”

He struggles to rise and flails to grab you legs, but fails.  The returning people see you, and notice the semblance you share with the orc at your feet.  There is muttering among the crowd, slowly increasing, it does not seem harmonious.

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