Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Fury of the Norsemen

Finally played this game and apart from stuffing up the stacking rules the game plays quite well.

Having played half the game in turns (6 of the 12) I found that it is challenging and difficult for the VIkings to win without some cunning plan (something I lacked).  The Villagers cannot activate until such time as a Viking has done an provoking action which allows them to then move and attack.  The animals move randomly, which is entertaining.  

Being a tinkerer of rules I'm thinking of getting the map enlarged, double if I can get it.  The counters I will redesign and make double sided, one side to show an action has been performed.  I found that one of my greatest problems in playing this game was determining which units had moved.  I'm thinking that I shall have a different side colour to reflect an activation.  Once all counters have been flipped to the same colour I'll know if I've activated everything and completed the movement phase.  The counters that came with the game were cut very close to the right side and almost came to the point of cutting off details.  I will redesign the counters and mount them on thicker cardboard.  A set of tweezers is a must with this game, blunt ones especially.  I only had a pair of sharp pointy ones, and was always in fear of jabbing the map.

Final verdict, a good game with simple mechanics and a challenging deadline.  

Till next time.

The Hon. John

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