Sunday, October 15, 2017

Solo Games today... because it's very wet outside.

On this weekend the good people at Games World (Carindale) had a 20% off sale and I could not help (with notice) save my pension to lash out on some games.  I acquired A Feast for Odin, Kingdomino and Hanamikoji. Thanks also to my family who chipped in to help me get these games.

Hanamikoji, A Feast for Odin and Kingdomino

A Feast for Odin set up for Solo play.

Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Game 4
Ships 13 11 16 0
Emigrations 0 21 21 42
Exploration boards 6 12 0 0
Sheds and houses 0 0 27 8
Sheep and cattle 8 15 2 15
Occupations 4 8 4 5
Silver 2 1 7 14
Final Income 21 14 7 12
English Crown 0 0 0 0
Positive sub-total 54 82 84 96
Home board 0 17 30 10
Exploration boards 2 0 0 0
Sheds and houses 0 0 0 0
Thing Penalty 0 0 0 0
Negative sub-total 2 17 30 10
Total 52 65 54 86

The above are the four games I played today.  The first two games I went for the exploration boards (lands) and managed to improve my score on the second game by converting my ship to emigration points, a wise move.  This helped especially in the last game where the point bonus was so appealing.  The third and fourth game I decided to stick with the Sheds and houses options and while I dropped to points similar to my first game I picked up quite well in the last game.

I confess that I really like this game for it's ease of play and would recommend it to anyone.  I have played one game at the club last week and four players is great, especially when the raiding and pillaging deplete the stockpile.  This does not happen in the solo mode, and you can sit back and explore your options without fearing antagonising people with your deliberations.

I will look at Kingdomino tomorrow as there is a solo variant on Board Game Geek which I shall try.

Till next time.

The Hon. John

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