Monday, September 12, 2011

Keeping in touch with Jeff T

I am keeping in touch wih Jeff by email. In this way I and others can find out what he's up to, and to help him cope (maybe not the best word) with his strange new environment. Hey John Thanks for the thought. Funnily enough your blog is also blocked for me and getting photobucket here is difficult at best. It is available one day and not the next. I'll attach a couple of photos of the last few weeks. I'll say this now though, If you are a young single man you need to get to Shang Hai. There are opportunities galore over here to have a great time. this last two weeks I have been out drinking with the teachers at my school and getting into trouble. The other thing about China is that things are open all the time. We were walking home from a restaurant and went past a go kart track open at 12:30 at night. 80RMB (about $11) gets you about 10 mins on the track. This is a different way of life than anything I am used to. On a different note, Do you have any Grade 2 or 3 teachers that you can get in contact with? I am teaching a grade 3 english class and we are writing letters to an overseas country. I figure that if I can get another class to interact, it can be targeted rather than random and just a letter that goes out into the void. Carrie, Ruby and I are moving into a nice 3 bedroom apartment at the end of this month and the Ayi (literally Aunt) is the person you hire to look after the child and the house. This means that there is a spare room for those that would like to come for a visit. As for the eating, I have decided that the only way to go is to go all the way. I have had a heap of the food from the street vendors and it is pretty good apart from one or two rare exceptions. There is this these street vendors all over the place that offer skewers of meat (note I didn't say beef or lamb because I am not entirely sure). They are great. they do however stack the premade skewers in front of the charcoal fire out in the open air for you to select as you want. You can get about 12 skewers for the equivalent of about $2. On an entirely unrelated note, I had the squirts for two weeks before I got used to the place. Happiness is a dry fart. This is really and agreeable place to go. Coming here with an open mind ready for experiences is a must. I am having a ball. I'll update soon. Give Bec a hug for me. Jeff.

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