Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dystopian Wars "The List" or rankings.

1. Thomas Evans (First Steamlord Award)
2. Jason
3. Michael
4. Trevor
5. Kelvin Henderson
6. Scott
7. Pat Dwyer (Pukker Sarb Award)
8. Leslie Alexander (Shipwright Award)
9. Toby
10. Matthew
11. Bruce Scott
12. Owen Evans
13. Allan Carey
14. James Cachia-Garrett
15. Conor Wallis
16. Mark Robertson
17. Jason Bryant
18. John Keers (Thanks for Coming Award)

Winners of the $50 Phoenix Forge Vouchers
James Cachia-Garrett
Thomas Evans

Winners of Merchandise from the Phoenix Forge
Mark Roberston
Allan Carey

I'd like to thank Bec and Paul of the Blind Pig for hosting this event. To Luke from the Phoenix Forge for his prize support. Most importantly I'd like to thank all the participants for making the day such a success. Without you this event would not have happened.

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