Sunday, November 7, 2010

Monday Update

The 2nd last Blind Pig meet last Saturday. Only one more for the year. I think the lads and I will have to make some arrangments to get our gaming fix over the christmas break.

Anyway the Saturday Pig was great. Got to have two excellent games of Aeronautica Imperialis with Pat, almost got a third but Luke turned up. Sorry Michael, I'll have to have a bash against your Chaos next time. That Harbinger was just huge. I must say that I am finding AI to be a great little game. There are only about 5-6 pages of rules, and apart from that you only need the data sheet for the aircraft. I'm hooked. The nice thing is I really don't need a lot of aircraft (but when has that stopped me from being insane) to play. I just wish my best friend Shane was still alive, he'd have loved the game. I could have seen him tinkering with the game, adding more details and making a simple game epic.

After the games of AI I then played Luke (from Phoenix Forge, he made a secret visit) a game of War Rocket. Here is again a great little game that has value for money. Looking forward to more of this as the company expand the range.

Tomorrow night I'm making time for a game of Napoleonics with my mate Andrew.

Well that's all for the moment.

Remember - games are fun, enough yourself.


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