Friday, March 19, 2010

Tactics and the Experience of Battle in the Age of Napoleon

Yet another book!

This one by Rory Muir a visiting research fellow at the University of Adelaide.

The book jacket writes...

"Drawing on memoirs, diaries and letters of the time, this powerful book explores what it was like to be a soldier on a Napoleonic battlefield. It considers the role of the artillery, infantry and cavalry; the plight of the wounded; the way victories were decided; the mechanics of musketry, artillery and cavalry charges; and much more."

342 pages softcover.

Part I Introduction
Chapter One - The Eve of Battle
Chapter Two - Battles and Battlefields

Part II The Elements of Combat
Chapter Three - Artillery
Chapter Four - Light Infantry
Chapter Five - Infantry Combat
Organisation, Formations, Drill and Training
Musketry * Bayonets and Hand-to-Hand Fighting
Infantry in Action
Chapter Six - Cavalry Combat
Organisation, Equipment and Training
Cavalry in Action * Cavalry VS Cavalry
Cavalry VS Artillery and Infantry

Part III Command and Control
Chapter Seven - The Role of the General
Chapter Eight - Subordinate Commanders, Staff Officers and ADCs
Chapter Nine - Regimental Officers
Chapter Ten - Moral and Cohesion
Chapter Eleven - Attitudes and Feelings

Part IV The End of the Day
Chapter Twelve - Victory or Defeat
Chapter Thirteen - After the Fighting

So I think the book doen's look all too bad. I've had a brief skim of the content and it seems pretty decent. Now I'll have to find a spot on the book shelf and the time to read it. So much to do, so much time to do so little.

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