Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Saltmarsh Sentinel Issue 6

Editor ~ Abelard Larthe                            Earthday Issue #6, 576

Kalmah Wanted
The council has issued a warrant for the arrest of one time hero Kalmah.  While not deemed dangerous, the Council is offering a reward for his capture by any civic minded individuals.  Report any sightings to the local watch.

art by Tom Quinert
Amnon Mansion Converted to Plague Hostel
Councillor Primewater has announced that the recently acquired property of Amnon Mansion has been set up as the base of operations by the Priest of Pelor in treating those afflicted with the mysterious plague and its symptoms. 

artwork by Mic of DZY Art n Comics - @artbydzynes

Abbey Isle Skirmish
The Priests of One Eye which had been in residence on Abbey Isle have finally come foul of their one time ally Tamond Agosto and his fleet of pirates.  Reports of at least one shipload of survivors are known.  Smoke has been seen for several days indicating that the abbey has perhaps been put to the torch.  Guildmaster Tabeth of the mariners’ guild has sent an experienced team to investigate the situation.  Saltmarsh should be thankful that two potential threats may have taken each other out, or at least reduced their likelihood of menacing the town for some time.

Odd Behaviour Increasing
While Saltmarsh has its fair share of oddballs there can be none stranger than Glug Boarnog.  He was recently seen leaving the Council chambers shouting for Kalmah then grabbing random rodents and bashing in their heads.  Later he was reported sourcing new tattoos in the pattern of fish nets.  When the tattooist asked why he was told it was to go with his snake fetish? 

artwork by Mic of DZY Art n Comics - @artbydzynes
Black Shadow Strikes Again
Dock worker Hunter Dawnfowl was found floating in the harbor another victim of the beast.  Dawnfowl was last seen leaving the Empty Net after a heavy nights drinking with fellow workers.
Adlar Ballard a fellow worker said that Dawnfowl left with him and several others as safety was prudent.  However Dawnfowl needed to relieve himself and never returned.  An immediate search by the group and alerted watch found no signs of Dawnfowl till his body was found in the water.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
The artwork provided in this issue is supplied by Mic of DZY Art n Comics - @artbydzynes.  Mic plays Mikas Blakflag the ranger with his panther companion Dimebagheera.
Wanted poster art by Tom Quinert.

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Saltmarsh Sentinel Issue 5

Editor ~ Abelard Larthe                              Earthday Issue #5, 576

Keledek Tower Darkens
An inky and unnatural darkness has issued forth from the residence owned by Keledek the Unspoken. This has unsettled the residents and those unfortunate to live nearby.
Keledek came to Saltmarsh years ago from Ket and struck an imposing figure at seven feet in height, dusky skinned, bald head and a penchant for wearing bright red silk. 
Recently another visitor from Ket of similar imposing stature came to Saltmarsh, claiming to be a relation named Kedelek.  She has not been seen for some time now and dark rumours surround her disappearance.
Does the darkness bode ill for Saltmarsh or is there some other meaning to this calamity?

Plague Spreads
The mysterious plague that was reported by Grak apprentice of Choldis has spread from the Grove of Brookroot.  Several farms on the outskirts of Dreadwood have fallen silent and upon investigation have been found diseased and empty of life.  Those who investigated have fallen ill and whispers of plague are in the wind.

Cacophony Increases
The incessant croak of frogs in town has now become intolerable.  Residences are finding that sleep is almost impossible to achieve.  The city guard as noted the rise in aggravated assault and violence.
Ferrin Kastilar has promised to investigate the disturbance and has asked that residents not kill the amphibians lest they risk his wrath.

Black Shadow Strikes
The stealthy beast reported earlier has finally taken a victim.  Lambert Palmer the cobbler has returning late from the Empty Net to his rooms located in Crabber’s Cove.
While none saw the actual incident his horribly mutilated corpse lends credence to the attack of that of a beast.
Residents are warned to be wary and seek the company in numbers when traveling after sundown.

Black Spot Kills Sailors
Warale Essryn priest of Pelor assures the citizens of Saltmarsh that the recent death of a sailor from the ship captained by da Mare has nothing to fear from plague.
The malady is linked to an infernal curse which had been thought cured.  The fact that the crew appears to be dying is perplexing and leading to questions as to whether there may be other factors at play.

Crocodile is God
The Lizardfolk emissaries have requested that the people of Saltmarsh respect the crocodiles of the Hool Marshes and surrounding areas. People should only resort to killing the great beasts where their lives are in danger.
According to Garurt and Vyth the crocodile are especially sacred to their tribe and are seen as signs of good omen.  Removing them would bring great calamity to Saltmarsh reasoned the Lizardfolk.

Assassination of Merchant Prince
The body of Aubreck Drallion has been pulled from Saltmarsh Harbour having been assassinated by parties unknown.  How is it known that it was assassination you may ask?  The blade of the Scarlet Order left their blackened blade buried deep in the heart of heart of the once prosperous Merchant Prince.
It is rumoured that Drallion was about to recoup his wealth and make his return to the mercantile world.  It would appear that this is not to be.
The city guards are looking for Drallion’s butler Vertheg, a half-orc of tall, lanky and awkward disposition, other notable features is a single tusk jutting from his lower jaw and he has particularly warty skin.  He is also known for wearing fine clothing - much beyond his allotted station.  His disappearance may be linked to the death of his employer.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Saltmarsh Sentinel Issue 4

Editor ~ Abelard Larthe                          Earthday Issue #4, 576

Ambassadors Arrive
Saltmarsh has been visited by peoples not seen previously except in the form of hostilility. Lizardfolk and Merfolk emissaries have followed in the wake of the band of adventurers who sought the mystery surrounding the smugglers whom were recently quashed.

artwork by Mic of DZY Art n Comics - @artbydzynes
Slavers Rumoured
Rumours are circulating the watering holes and gossip dens that slavery is rearing its ugly head in Saltmarsh.  Person or entities of unknown intention are seeking to purchase sentient being for purposes of dubious nature.  Be warned citizens, Keoland does not tolerate this practice and the Council will take action necessary to remedy the situation.

Dragon Alert
Alarm and despair has been spread at the signs of the awakening of the dreaded Quamag the Black.  Long thought to have been left slumbering in the swamps after its last rampage, something has now awakened the foul beast.  None will enter the marshes now until it is driven off, sates its hunger or is slain.

artwork by Mic of DZY Art n Comics - @artbydzynes

Derelict Ship Spotted
One time merchant prince Aubreck Drallion claims that the Emperor of the Waves has been sighted derelict in waters east of Saltmarsh.  He is offering generous terms to those willing to recover his property from his lost ship.

Lighthouse Construction
Conflict on Abbey Isle has come to a halt as conflict rages between various parties.  Major Ursa of the Mariners Guild will not send any more workers to the lighthouse construction site until the conflict and turmoil on the Island is settled.

artwork by Mic of DZY Art n Comics - @artbydzynes

Amnon Mansion
The bones of Demedor Amnon have been given a proper burial by the priests of Pelor.  It is surmised that with this action the unnatural occurances seen and   manifesting at his residence will cease to be.
Councillor Gellan Primewater has announced that he has taken possession of the property with the Council’s approval.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
The artwork provided in this issue is supplied by Mic of DZY Art n Comics - @artbydzynes.  Mic plays Mikas Blakflag the ranger with his panther companion Dimebagheera.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Starfire - Unboxing an Old Game I Loved

This game was one of the earliest science fiction space combat games that I played from 1980 onward. It and Star Fleet Battles were extremely popular at the time and hold a special place in my heart and collection.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Saltmarsh Sentinel Issue 3

Editor ~ Abelard Larthe                                         Earthday Issue #3, 576

Giant Crocodile Hunts Sport
Reports have been coming in from berry pickers for Ryan Kirtap at the Blue Frog Brewery that a giant crocodile is hunting berry pickers in the Hool Marshes.  While no one has been taken yet, there have been several narrow escapes. Losses among guardian beasts have been high. 

Bear tracks in Saltmarsh
Citizens are alarmed at the appearance of bear tracks inside the Saltmarsh precinct.
Saltmarsh’s normally stalwart Guards are more alarmed with the fact that these tracks are located around the buildings that serve as their barracks.
Investigations are ongoing and troubling.

Non-existence Proven?
A fascinating pamphlet has hit the local markets and is being peddled to the less than wise proving the non-existence of the very pamphlet that expresses the very nature of the subject.  Kalmah a Druid of seedy and dubious patronage is a known proponent of the philosophy in this dodgy parchment, which while well written and presents as an academic text its very premise is clearly circular and fallacious.  Kalmah has been seen around Saltmarsh quoting sections of the texts to any passerby not quick enough to dodge his crazed enthusiasm.  The author whose identity was read it only is known as A Blessed Feline is making a fortune in royalties from this scam.

Highlight Article : A Blessed Cat
Flower Thief Arrested
The vandal who stole the flowers from widow Rowland has been found and arrested by the local militia. 
“It was thanks to the goodwill of strangers and a magical cat that we were able to arrest this lowlife, who sadly had wormed his way into the very heart of our society,” Councillor Gellan Primewater told the editor over a very cheap lunch at the Empty Net.  “Thanks to the anonymous tip from these upstanding persons the guards overcame the individual known as Salt Bae during a daring night raid as the criminal slept off the affects of a nights heavy drinking.  It was our guard showing its finest display of ethical performance and bravery. Councillor Primewater commended Corporal Augh Astorio for his demonstration in applying the Saltmarsh Steelcap for fellow squad members to see on the prone, bound and hapless villain.”
Citizens will know with some trepidation the skill Corporal Augh has with his steelcap boots, so I think no more needs be dwelt on as to this brutal application of swift justice – to a victim who clearly deserved it we can all concur.  Remember people Widow Rowland is a much loved member of this community of Saltmarsh, her son’s murderer has yet to be brought to justice.  At least some small justice is served by arresting the flower thief.

Highlight Article : Goodwill from a stranger who wished to be anonymous?
Festival of Tossers
The annual Toss and Swim Races is due to start in less than a week.  This bracing event involves a two part celebration.  The first is an act of remembrance for those who have lost loved ones at sea - many chose this time to take the jump to commemorate those they have lost.  For others it’s a chance to earn cash and unwind during the last touches of winters chill. So people anticipate the Festival of Tossers.
Terms and Conditions:
Entry: 1sp (for pair of entrants)
Entry must consist of a thrower (may not be mechanical or magical or assisted) and a thrown entrant. 
A thrower will throw the thrown as far from cliffs as possible, earning the best score for distance.  The thrown then must swim back to the base of the cliff as quickly as possible. 
Entries are timed and judged on distance with the winner announced at the nights Festival of Tossers held at the Leap.
Prize pot this year is 100 gold and a free tankard of ale each week from the Blue Frog Brewery.

Lizardfolk on the Move
Last night Bill Sandbody while crossing the Sharkfin Bridge swore he saw several of the Lizardfolk swimming upriver.
“I had not been drinking,” belched the inebriated Halfling who needed to be propped up to report his findings to the night watch who found him retching (he said in terror) over the bridge walls. 
“I saw them following a winged dragon the size of a duck.”
How much truth can be found in the words of a drunk is yet to be known. The Hool Marshes is known to house a population of Lizardfolk and if they are on the move then it does not bode well for Saltmarsh.  Report any sightings of these beings to the council with undue haste.

Amnon Mansion Haunted
The alchemist home on the lonely and desolate cliffs to the east of Saltmarsh are proving to be a thorn in the side of several adventuring bands.  The smuggler smashers reported the unearthly activities in the mansion to the council when they returned with the Sea Ghost and stolen merchandise.
A reputable band of adventurers were then sent to investigate. Sadly they lacked the intellect and guidance of their leader who had come down with bad case of food poisoning.  The result was they too had to leave the mansion confused and perplexed as to solving the mansions haunting. 
Will they return to solve the mystery?  The editor asked Hudson Millblood a junior member of the band as he was seen buying large quantities of flammable siege oil “yes,” was his reply, “I have a burning desire to light a match in the darkness and let the flame of ignorance be burned away – revealing only the truth of the matter.”
It is hoped that his zealousness does not set Saltmarsh aflame with enthusiasm.

There Can Only Be ONE
There has been some confusion in Saltmarsh with competing adventuring bands heralding champions with the audacious name of Glug.  As there can only truly be ONE Glug in any multiverse strong enough to survive, the wisest individual chose to change their name by deed poll. Rising from the ashes of the fire-fighting, nay to the rumour contrary to hearsay, comes Kod, Slayer of Fish Dresdon!
The other Glug, known as Boarnog can be found passed out and fleeced of any items of worth in any establishment willing to risk its clientele, merchandise, staff and surroundings. 

Noisey Amphibians
A petition has been delivered to Ferrin Kastilar the melancholy druid who keeps the Sea Grove of Obad-Hai complaining of the increased amphibians in the village precincts.  Kastilar actually flew into a rage at this petition and entangled the petitioners in vines and set fire to their petition.
Long time acquaintances of Kastilar are concerned at the druid’s odd behaviour in reaction to people’s hatred to his beloved amphibians.

Editorial Dating Issues
Due to the erroneous problems of keeping track of the many exciting events happening around Saltmarsh the harried and forgetful editor has come across an issue (ha ha I made a pun) with the dating system used.  To rectify this simple and erroneous exigency the Sentinel will now be simply numbered.

Highlight Article : The impressions of a slightly mad editor?
This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

The artwork provided in this issue is supplied by Mic of DZY Art n Comics - @artbydzynes.  Mic plays Mikas Blakflag the ranger with his panther companion Dimebagheera. This excludes lighthouse picture which was sourced from Pinterest.