Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sorylian Fleet Finished

Well apart from being royally annoyed with the world in general I did spend some of today painting.

I've started work on my Firestorm Armada Fleets. The first one off the block was the Sorylian fleet. I'm really impressed with the cost effectiveness of Spartan Games star ships. For a mere AUS$60 I got a battleship, three cruisers and 6 frigates. Now I've left the boxes downstairs but they nicely give the actual dimensions of the ships on the back of the box.

So head over to Spartan Games for all the downloads (

For those of us in Australia, I'd recommend Phoenix Forge ( for all your supplies. The price I've quoted is the cost from the Forge. Luke is a great chap and his service is second to none.

I'll post in the next day or two some pictures of the completed fleets.

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