Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday Madness

Had a short visit from my old mate John Ross this morning. An enjoyable chin wag till we both had to leave for other appointments.

Did the shopping with the wife. Cam home and then had to listen to Versuvius as the pillow slips bought were european, damn those silly foreign bastards and there opposite habits. So it'll be back to get a refund and purchase the right size sets.

Went for a drive through the new Clem7 tunnel, while it's toll free. Trip was free moving until we got to the exit when people slowed down. Probably like me and couldn't work out where the hell we were and where we wanted to go after leaving it. Quick trip though from Garden City to the Clem7 exit and back along Hale Street to home was 30 minutes. Of course this wasn't peak hour so I guess those times would be higher.

I really have got to stop visiting Mr Toys and Springwood. I've been trolling the 1:48 scale models when I found Landing Craft! Ooh I say, I like those, I'll have to have them. The off-shoot of that is that I then went and ordered a swag of Septic Tanks (that's Yanks for those too young to know the slang) to go with the LCs. This way I can have my Germans mow down hordes of them and not feel and pity. Biased aren't I!

To this little trip I added some more 1:72 scale German aircraft, mainly Bf109's as these were more prevalent in numbers for the Battle of Britain. I bought some premade/painted Early Tiger I's for Rapid Fire!. Now if I can only get Allied vehicles. My Toys must have had 10 or so Tigers on the shelf and bugger all of any other vehicle.

So I'm off the scourge myself as I forgot that it's Friday and Lent AND I ATE MEAT. I'm a forgetful Roman Catholic. It'll be confession soon.

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