Saturday, March 6, 2010

Action Packed Saturday

Well today was a very busy day for me.

I left the comfort zone that is my monastry cell and ventured out into the real world. Thankfully I had my mate John come along for the day and we went to the Blind Pig club.

I haven't been to the Blind Pig, except for one very brief visit many years ago. The RSL hall is very nice, the parking is easy and I saw a few faces that were familiar and friendly.

I had a look around for a while, seeing what was being played. Three tables of Malifaux were in play and it seemed to be gaining interest. My figures drew some interest, which gave me some pleasure.

Juliet and Mark turned up with Bailey, and I played nurse to Bailey for a while. I love children, and it made me feel clucky about wanting more children. Too old now, but I guess I can look forward to grandchildren.

Played a game with Juliet of Malifaux with my Guild (Lady Justice) vs Neverborn (Lilith). I took down Teddy early in the game, but Lilith is a killer and was tearing my crew apart with ease. Mark arrived back with Bailey in need of a feed and Juliet handed the game over to Mark to finish. I thought I was dead. I had only one Death Marshal and a Witchling left at the stage against Lilith. It looked bad until in my last attack I drew the Red Joker and turned defeat into victory. I was grateful for Papa who helped with some of the rules, I learnt more today which is good. I look forward to my next game with gusto.

I got to meet Luke from Phoenix Forge, and it was a pleasure to do so. Actually meeting someone you only talk to online can sometimes be a let down. But Luke matched his online personality and we chatted amiabley.

John (my mate) went shopping and bought Infinity figures. Now that I've had a look at these I can easily see where my next lot of shopping will be directed at.

I picked up my order and bought a little more Firestorm Armada. I now have the started fleets for Terran, Aquan Prime and Sorylian. Great value space ships in my opinion.

So I'm home, resting and about to watch Fringe with my wife. I've already seen the series and I love it, I'm looking forward to a 2nd season.

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