Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Great Saturday at the Blind Pig

Before I start I should warn people that I'll be a little tardy in answering my emails until Tuesday. My download limit was exceeded and I am reduced to 64kps, and boy it sucks.

So a busy day. Eldest child had to be dropped off to a mates place for the day. No problem, can do that and still get to the Pig in reasonable time. I get there, start to unload when my mobile goes off. I think, ah ha, that will be my mate John telling me he's on his way. No it was my other child asking to be picked up and taken home, so much for the other child's parent dropping Dana home. So there I am sitting in the car reading the refedex, attempting to find where I had to go when a cheeky chap had a quip! "You don't need it now John, you're already here!" A great one liner that I'll have to remember in the future. Any way, a short delay of 30 minutes and I was back at the club.

First up I had James ask for a game. He fielded his Viktoria's and they are beautifully painted figures. I'm jealous, I wish I could match him in his style of painting. But what a game. I managed to get my crew butchered in short time, and it was down to the last couple of figures when Som'er Teeth Jones pulled the Red Joker for damage. Jones' gun does burst damage and I managed to clean up his three models in one job lot, leaving him only Viktoria who was bolting for her deployment zone for the victory points. So I turned a certain defeat into a victory, all on the play of one card. We did learn later that the damage was wrong, but it was still a horrible mauling that would have been taken.

I got my fix of baby cuddles and got to spend a little time with Bailey. Thank you Juliet and Mark for allowing me some "cuddle time" with him. He's such a beautiful and expressive child, I'm jealous. Mine a teenagers and they have their moments, but just can't match a baby for "ah" factor.

Had a little spending with L.D.P and bought some bases and figures. Viewed the Reaper catalog and bought more figures that I really should not have bought, but I really can't help myself when I see lovely figures just begging to receive the gentle touch of my brush.

Chatted with Luke from Phoenix Forge and have spirited away his Gremlins. I've already thought up of some unique basing for his lads. They should be done by next Saturday. Now that I've made that bold statement I'd better make sure I do it.

I must thank Rebecca for the BBQ lunch. The venue is lovely.

So I'm off to have a rest now, the days been very exhausting.

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