Monday, March 15, 2010

Lots of bundles of joy!

It's been a couple of days of joy! My orders all turned up! !!!!!

My Call of Cthulhu LCG came. I like this new format where you don't need to buy heaps of boosters to play the game. I already invested heavily when the CCG came out years ago. Sadly, only my friend Patrick was as keen to play the game as I was so the collection is now gathering dust. Why I bought the LCG I don't know, obsessive-compulsive disorder, so I've been told.

My Anima Tactics rulebook came as well as the two starters. Having trolled the book I went to WarPuppy and bought all the figures for the Light and Dark factions that have been released. Hmmm... obsessive-complusive...

That was what came last night care of that sterling chap Adam. So I'll plug WarPuppy again ( great guys. My main supplier for FFG, WarGods and now Anima Tactics.

Today at 8am my order from Phoenix Forge arrived! Yes, yes yes!

What goodies came? All my PanOceania and Nomads. I've bought all the releases for each of these factions, and will probably branch out to Ariadna but will restrict myself to the Scots only. I also got the last Fleet Box from Firestorm Armada the Dindrenzi and the Aquan Prime Carrier.

Now where do I start? I've still got Cygnar Warmachine on the paint table that I really must finish. But oh all those nice shinney new modles all pleading to be painted.

So what did I do? I assembled the Firestorm Armada ships, thinking that they were the easiest to finish and get onto the table and playing.

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