Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Modern Wargaming

I confess that I know absolutely nothing about modern warfare, I don't even know the basics of any form of warfare. Yes I've read many books on many different aspects of warfare but apart from the personal/individual skills and training, anything above a squad mystifies me. Even after many years of gaming I still have trouble remembering if a regiment is smaller than a battalion or a Division is a Corps! Much to the exasperation of one of my opponents when we play Napoleonics.

So while my children were being fed and watered at Carindale, I went into A&R to see what they had. Normally I avoid A&R as they are not cheap, QBD is better value bargain wise. Yet I bought one book, I paid I thought too much for it, but it did meet what I wanted on the subject of elite forces.

The book is entitled "Fight to Win" by Chris Ryan.

The book's jacket claims "delves into the secretive world of elite warfare, revealing the nuts and bolts of some of the toughest, sharpest and most legendary fighting units in existence around the world today.... is the ultimate inside account of elite forces training and operations."

Big claim. The book is a glossy full colour edition of 237 pages.
There are eight chapters covering;
Training and Equipment
Going in by Air
Going in by other means
Observation and Surveillance
Getting out

There's a decent index and a useful list of abbreviations.

I'll see how the book pans out and let you know what I think of it.

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