Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Quiet Sunday

My family and I attended church as all good practicing Catholics do. Lots of things happening there. The Parish that we reside in is now merging with St Bernards and as part of the amalgamation there will be some changes in mass times. As a result this means that my family and I will be returning to St Bernards, which has really always been our church.

So after church I spent the better part of the morning laminating my Malifaux cards. A total of 138 cards. I started at 9am and finished at 12pm. Hard to believe that so small a task took so long. Thankfully I didn't loose any fingers in the process.

After that I started work on my Firestorm Armada. I started with my Sorylians, and they are almost finished. I guess that tomorrow will see them completed.

Been watching Fringe. All the family are enjoying it.

Found Infinity website. Downloaded all that I could. This will be my next big investment in figures. My good friend John Ross bought a swag load of Infinity yesterday, so I guess I'm committed to starting this obsession.

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