Friday, March 12, 2010

Bag the Hun - WWII Aerial Warfare

This is the start of an ambitious project. I'll be using the rules "Bag the Hun" from Too Fat Lardies. The aircraft are all 1:72 scale, already assembled and painted to a very pleasing level of detail. Admittedly the aircraft have their wheels down, and I can't bring myself to "butcher" them to place them in the folded position. The price of the aircraft was $20 a throw, but when I looked at the price of kit aircraft they ranged from $12 to $17, so for and extra $3-$8 I can't complain.

Table wise this will be a chore. I'm going to work on a 8'x32' table, of which I will have to paint a hex system that will accommodate the aircraft. The upside of this is that if it works, my WWI aircraft will have a board.

So stay tuned for further madness as time progresses.

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