Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stone Fever 2010 - The Final Wash

Well the event has come an gone, and I'm exhausted.

As you get older, and you're not used to travelling far, a trip from Brisbane up to Bli Bli was fatiguing.

I offered to take up Papa (Brendan), Lobo (Geoff) and Ramierz (Owen). All the lads turned up with plenty of time to spare. I'd offered to take everyone with me as a) I had no idea where I was going and b) I get tired of talking to myself. So off we go, only for me to remember that I mentioned to Mark and Juliet about forming a convoy. A quick reverse of course had us there with minimal delay. Juliet was really throwing herself into the role of Lilith, she even had made a sword as a prop. Well done Juliet, the effort was heartening. I was going to go as Som'er but due to my wavering health earlier in the week I didn't know if I'd make it. Yet I will get myself a tophat and some appropriate "coat". Maybe....

So off we went. Travel was good, although I had forgotten that the Gateway Toll was now an eToll. That reminds me I still have to sort that out. So it was about a 2hour trip. I didn't push the car, staying around the 90km/ph mark. Thanks to Geoff we made it with minimal fuss. These new mobile phone thingies are good if you have them and now what to do!

The Hall was set up when we arrived. Rebecca from Blind Pig had come up to provide tables and terrain. What can I say, Rebecca is truely a wonder of the genious level. Her "gangster" (that's what I'll earmark it for) table was brilliant. I spent some time filming and taking photo's. Hopefully these will come out OK and I'll post when I can.

There were three rounds for the event. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. I had three great games with absolutely no angst. I drew up against two Nicodem crews and the final was Ramos. While I did not win any games I did at least earn some victory points which helped me along, though I knew that I'd not be in any winning position. There were 25 people playing, which I thought was bloody brilliant.

I had I think four people come up to me and ask me if I'd accept commissions to paint up figures for them. I think I diplomatically avoided the question, not that I wasn't stoked that people thought my skill was good enough to grace their shelves. I declined namely because I'm running on a very low battery and I'm going to be hospoitalised for about 4 weeks. I doubt that the hospital would let me bring my "hobby" with me, so until I get better I have to decline. I'll post here when and if I become available again.

So the day became evening and towards 9:30pm it all came to an end. Luke has posted the results and a snazzy video of the event. I managed to pick up the "Belle of the Master" the Event Organiser's Best Painted/based/themed crew. I got a nice certificate, a colouring book (which I fear will be scanned and printed so that I can enjoy it longer) and the Gremlinette Hog Whisperer. I'm really looking forward to this model gracing my table.

The trip back was a long one. Geoff was in trouble with his misses. I hope he came through OK. I told him to blame me for the length absent. So at just on midnight I walked in the front door. Being greeted by my two kittens who waited up for my return. Fatigued I toddled off to bed, woke far to early. Mucked about, returned to bed. Rested. Eat tea, and am now about to head off to bed again.

Thank you everyone for your kindness. I look forward to further games, and hope to see you all at the next Malifaux Event at Blind Pig.


The Tired One - John

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