Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Day of Goodies

Yesterday was a day of goodies for me.

Pay day! With cash in pocket and far too much time on my hands I went shopping.

First stop. JB Hi-Fi...

Picked up:
Earth Final Conflict Season 4
Dead Space Downfall (Animated Presequel to the computer/console game)
Halo 3 (Animated)
Castle Season 1 (I love this series)
Doctor Who - The Waters of Mars 2009 Autumn Special
Doctor Who - The End of Time Parts One & Two 2009 Winter Special

Second Stop. QBD...
Ground Truth, Patrick Bishop (3PARA return to Afghanistan)
Running the War in Iraq, Major General Molan (Australian)

So not too bad a shopping trip.

Went to Phoenix Forge and spent way too much money, but I just can't quibble about the price and selection of figures that Luke stocks. For those who read this, I recommend Phoenix Forge for all my purchases.

Popped into Hobby One and died of fright when I went looking for 1:48 scale helicopters for my modern skirmish games. $100 - $120 for a Chinook helicopter! Going to have to have a loook around before settling on anything though.

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