Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wargame Museum

It's been playing on my mind of late, what will happen to my collections when I do leave this plane of existence? Will my children keep it all? Will they sell it all and make a small fortune from it all?

I can't take it with me.

I thought of a Viking send off and having the whole lot burnt with me.

I thought of melting all the metal figures and using the metal for the door to my family mausoleum.

I'm going to investigate making it all a museum! Are there any in existence? There most probably is? I'm a collector of all things gaming wise. So I think that's what I'll do. I'll set up a trust to administer the "estate" and frustrate my children if they dissappoint me. Hopefully one of them will show an interest.

So if you got old rules or games you no longer want let me know. Donations gladly accepted.

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