Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday completed tasks

Well I have cleared the game table.

I've finished the Rotten Belles and Madam Sybelle.

My Prussians are on their way. My first regiment is almost finished. I'm using the WRG rules (can't remember the exact title, it's the one that goes from 16?? - 18??). I'm planning my Prussians to be 20 figure Regiments and my cavalry to be 9 figure units, mainly because that's what my opponent generally uses. I'm looking at Russians as the next addition, as my opponent likes his French. I personally despise the French and refuse to even consider playing them, even with sever coaxing.

So I'm breaking up my painting day betweeen Malifaux, Prussians and Pulp Fiction.

Lots to do...

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