Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Painting progresses

I've tackled the ice effect again on my Rasputina Crew. I've painted white on the snow, as the prevous varnish turned it all to a yellowish tinge. I've now tried water effect to see if I can achieve "snow". If not, then it'll be into the dip and a retry.

So all The Guild are done. Marcus has been completed. Ramos has been assembled, but will wait for the missing swarms to arrive.

I have since assembled The Neverborn. I decided that "plagarism" is the best form of flattery and have put Zoraida on a jetty as the sample picture portrays. Looking good so far. The Silurid Slaves needed a bit of attention. I found the tails to be the biggest problem. I have needed to apply putty and a file to fix the missmatched proportions.

So tomorrow it'll be back to the paint table, with a fresh batch of The Shadow episodes to listen to while working.

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