Saturday, January 23, 2010

Looking at other companies Prussians

Today I spent some time getting to know my Prussians. After an initial burst of enthusiasm, I lost some of my wind. The infantry in March Attack pose are lack lustre now that I've done my first regiment. The cavalry have also proven to be a dissappointment. Having researched my uniforms from my Osprey collection I find that I don't find a lot of commonalities that I had hoped to use. I've had to guess a bit on some of the equipment, which really annoys me. I'm sure my opponent will tell me that I've gotten details wrong, but at this stage I'm just going with my gut reaction.

So I'm going to try the Old Glory range now. I must admitt that I did consider them to start with, but thought I'd try supporting an Australian supplier. Old Glory I can buy for about US$20 for 30 infantry, which beats $1.90 from my current Australian supplier. So I'm testing the waters to see how these figures compare. Hopefully I can find a happy medium.

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