Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heat continues...

Sigh, the heat continues to plague me. Not sure what temperature we got to, but I had the chap who mows my lawn turn up and he was hot, dusty and very brown.

Did the shopping today with the wife and I think that the airconditioning didn't seem to be working at optimum performance. While I was absent from home (one of those very rare occassions) my Copplestone order arrived. A note was left for me to collect after 3pm. What a long wait. In the end though I was really happy with the figures. I have stayed with the Pulp Era figures and they mesh nicely with the figures I have from Pulp Figures.

So I did absolutely nothing. Sat in front of the fan, drinking more water (12l) and wishing for winter to come with a vengence.

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