Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blood Bowl Loosing Streak Continues

Playing my game tonight against Chris (Bradders) and his Wood Elf team.

It was a great relaxed game and Chris was really good company. His Wood Elves literally ran rings around my Undead.

The Banshees couldn't harm the brittle buggers. I'd breach the armour only to stun or knock them out. Which is good, I hate killing an opponents players. The only casualty Chris suffered was by his own hand, knackering his player with a -1MV.

Poor old #10, Nobbly Knees died tonight. After sustaining two -1AV penalties from injuries, poor old Nobby finally fell apart. The Coach will now be able to spend a little more time properly putting Nobby back together again. So Nobby will be back, have no fear! This time he may stick together a little longer.

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