Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Damn this Heat!

Phew, 34C they said for Brisbane, but I think it was closer to the 37C that Ipswich had.

My daughter started High School today. Out of all the houses she got the one that had the airconditioned room. She was most happy with that outcome.

Cats went to the vet. Their last shot until next year. Desexing to occur in mid-March, at a cost of $269 for spading and $37 for the chipping. Not a cheap exercise for a pair of tabbies. All up with the cost of the desexing&chipping two cats have cost me $1300.

It was far to hot to do a lot today. I mucked about moving furniture (silly thing to do in the hear) and culling my filing system. So no figures painted. Maybe tomorrow.

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