Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A day of physical labour!

It really was far to hot to work today. It was hot, did I mention that! And what do mad dogs and englishmen do in the midday sun! Gads it was miserable.

However, work I did. Bookcases, you can never have enough bookcases I say. I've managed to clean out the middle room and it is slowly becoming a decent library. Honestly if I could afford a leather period chair and a smoking jacket, I'd be the epitome of my esteemed anachronistic peers. However the old lounge suit is now firmly emplaced, and a decent fan will allow the air to circulate nicely. Bring on winter I say, if it would only snow!

So not much in the way of painting. It was too hot, oh... I have already said that. I tinkered with Malifaux, built a few more figures. Prepped Ramos' Crew for painting. Choose a paint colour for my additional Rotten Belles.

So it's Start of School Eve and I'm much in the mood to celebrate. Peace and quiet will return to my household. I guess that it will only mean that the other hours will be as noisy and unpleasant as usual.

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