Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tinkering and toil

Today has been hot and a bit sticky in the workshop. I decided to spend the day assembling a variety of Malifaux models, namely Resurrectionists, and a bit of Neverborn. Apart from some Silurid Slaves I've painted up all my Neverborn now.

I had a long chat with my old mate John Ross. He's keen as mustard on Malifaux, and I've committed myself to painting them up for him. He's decided on Som'er Teeth Jones and the Pigs and Gremlins. Nice figures and I'm planning on a lot of interesting bases for them. Swamps are fun.

Ramos still sits on the table. I've a feeling he may be the last crew to be painted,although the Viktoria's may hold that title. It all depends on how enthusiastic I feel.

Tomorrow is a medical day, with visits to my Doctors. My mood has been fairly flat of late and I'm finding it harder and harder to really care about my health. Nothing changes, nothing improves, at least it doesn't get drastically worse.

I've had a look at the new Tyranids from GW and bought a little of the new stuff. They'll sit on the shelves until I decide on what I want to do.

Been hooked on The Goons of late. Dug up my early records, yes I still have that antique medium. Found my turntable, but then realised that it required a stero system to. Dug deeper and found that I had the first to volumes on CD, then went shopping on iTunes and acquired the next five volumes. Nobody produces shows like this anymore. If today's youth are any indication, they don't listen so this is probably wasted on them.

Tomorrow will be what tomorrow brings.

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