Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rex Stout favourite author of the moment

I popped into the second-hand bookshop today, searching the reference section for books to add to my library. My wife went to the cooking section this time, not the romance section. After about 5 minutes perusing the shelves and picking a few books I out of curiosity I asked the owner if he had any books on the crime solver Nero Wolfe. I've previously found that a lot of the pulp authors you just can't access, so I was not expecting a positive answer. To my surprise I found Rex Stout and his novels. Fifteen novels where promptly bought, ranging in price from AUS$3-$5 a piece. So I'm off reading, and have almost finished the first book "The Final Deduction". Having listened to the Radio Plays I've got the feel for the characters voices in my head, and they seem to fit nicely.

So if you haven't read any, give them a try. I've just done a search of iTunes and have found a few of Rex Stout's books available as audio's. So I'm happy till I run out of books and audio's.

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  1. So happy to find another fan of the Stout books.

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