Monday, January 18, 2010

Swealtering Away

Gads it was hot today. They say 36C but I felt as though it was hotter than that, certainly the humidity was high.

Due to the heat I didn't get up to too much. My workshop's wall faces west and I get the full heat from the sun in summer. I only have a single brick wall, which means the sun heats it up real quick and passes on that heat into the room. I have found that by glueing 50mm thick foam sheets to the wall, I've managed to reduce the temperature by a few degrees.

I've continued working on my Malifaux figures. Nicodem, Mortimer and the three Punk Zombies are now finished. The Silurid Slaves are having their bases "swamped". Just Seamus to go (until I get my McMourning box).

I did get in the post today my Gladiators from Old Glory. In that order were the chariots, which I was keen to see how they would fit into planned Roman Gladiator Pit and Hippadrome. I'm happy with them, so much so that I'll probably buy a few more and then see how they may be adapted to my Avalon Hill Game Circus Maximus.

So I'm off to find a cool place somewhere and have a bit of a kip.

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