Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family Increases By Two

The latest additions to the family are two female kittens called Bella and Tara.

We have been wanting to buy cats for some time now, but while I still had relatives that could call upon me I kept putting it off. Now that my family unit is reduced to just the four, we decided to buy some feline company.

Both kittens were bought on November 1 last year, and both are females. Both were the only females in the pride of 6.

Bella is a black tiger. By that I mean she is black but she is also light black, which gives the effect of strips. As she gets older the stripes are getting a bit clearer. Bella is a real cat as opposed to her sister.

Tara is the "garfield". She was the runt of the litter and is not as fast a developer as her sister. She loves attention, food and collapsing whereever it is most inconvinient. She has almost been sat and stood on by being in places you didn't expect her to be. Before we found out the correct way to feed them, Tara would just plop herself down next to the food and water bowl and not move from that spot, unless it was to move the few inches to feed and water herself.

Both cats are a joy, and bring much happiness to the house.

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