Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday's Journal

So what did we get up today?

Went shopping with my daughter for a new computer. Went to Carindale, Garden City then Kessels Road. In the end my money stayed in my pocket.

I found that JB Hi Fi had 20% of DVD's so I finally relented and bought the first three seasons of X-Files. Dana got Season One of Friends (yick).

Painting wise I just tinkered around with what was on the table. Pandora is finally finished, Zoraida is almost there, it's just the bases to do. Still trying to get the snow effect right, but I'm trying a product supplied by LDP .

Met Mark and Juliette of LPD and their two beautiful children Oliver and Bailey. Lovely people and I hope to foster a good gaming friendship with them both.

With our new kitchen came a new oven. Talk about minamilistic instructions and button function. I almost needed an interpreter to read the manual, all eight odd pages. Poor Michelle is having kittens as she attempts to decode the Da Vinci code of instructions. As for the kittens they almost decided to be basted and grilled, silly bloody cats. In this case curiosity will kill the cat.

Off to troll the web. Who knows what I may post next.

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