Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Plunging on

So today was a hell of a lot cooler than yesterday. A nice breeze and was refreshing and cooled the slight sweat generated by the heat of the day.

What did we get up to today!

Tinkered with Malifaux some more. Finished the Mindless Zombies, and started on the NecroPunks. Was a bit listless in my direction. Had to go to my Doctors appointment at 12pm which always leaves me fatigued and directionless.

However my afternoon was lightened up with a vist from Juliet, Mark and Bailey. So before I knew it time had wisked away and they had to leave to collect Oliver. I did however do a little shopping and bought the Ammo Tin, Cybo Skull and Skull Chest dice containers. I loved the dice that came with the Cybo Skull, the numberal "one" have a cybo skull symbol. Considering my penchant for rolling 1's I think I'll enjoy using these dice. The Ammo Tin I liked, small and compact with 30 d6's, two white dice for random direction and a turn counter. All very handy. The wooden skull engraved chest was well built and will be used for my RPG's when I get around to it.

Tomorrow I expect to receive my latest Malifaux order, and with luck my Prussians for the Napoleonic period.

Yes its hard for some people to understand my love of all gaming periods. I'm fascinated by all periods, more so the esoteric or least considered conflicts. I love boardgames, cardgames, role playing games and tabletop games of any description. Finding companions to enjoy my interests is another matter, but hope springs eternal.

So till next time...

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