Saturday, November 2, 2013

Do you want sauce with that?

This Saturday 2nd November was the Blind Pig Club day.

I had a good day, though I had some trouble with the sauce when it came to lunch.  Apparently I did a very good Mr Bean impression.  So I'm sure the "Do you want sauce", will be a catch cry at lunch for many BP's to come.

I played Zombicide today at the club.

This was a really fun game to play.  For a supposedly "cooperative" game the survivors seemed to be everything but.  The first game was given up on as horrible.  The party were split into two groups and in hind sight we should have done things differently.  Second game was highly entertaining.  Daniel who was playing a character I can 't remember shot and killed two party members for not being "cooperative".  Fun game, even if it got silly towards the end.
Lastly I played my league game of Dreadball.  This was my 3rd game.  My luck with the dice was returning to legendary!  That is to say, woefull.  I could not roll to save my life, and one player died as a result.  The game is excellent.  Better than Blood Bowl, though I will still play BB, so don't get me wrong.
So that all till next time!

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