Thursday, October 31, 2013

All Quiet on the....

Well it's been a rather quiet time these last 7 days.

I've had a running battle with Telstra over my internet connection and access.  First time I called I got the call centre in the subcontinent, where they were having a party in the background.  While the support person apologised for the noise, he kept "blacking out" his voice/background.  It really was extremely unprofessional, and I told him in no uncertain terms what I thought of the whole matter.

So come Monday (I think) Telstra actually rang me to tell me there was an outage and that they were working on it.  As such they cancelled my scheduled technician.  Wednesday still not service.  Rang and abused them in my sartorial splendour, not that that got me anywhere.  However jiggling the connection did get me connected.  Yea, all for like 3 hours before it went down again.  Decided I'd go and find a cable modem.  Sorry only Telstra can issue one, we don't have in the Telstra stores.

As of yesterday (Thursday) I seem to be online with only marginal speed problems.  Today (Friday) I had Telstra phone me telling me that the outage was still a problem and that they are working on it.  However did I have access.  I said yes, and they said thank you, and hung up.  Hmmmm???

So at least for the moment I have internet, which is why I can now blog!

The other issue facing me for the week has been a lack of vehicle.  My brakes were grinding metal and the car was desperately in need of a service.  $600 (Australian) later I am mobile again.  I enjoyed my five days, but the family did not.  They had to take public transport and shock horror, pay for taxi's where needed.  Now that the car is running it's back to business as usual with me having to go where I'm told whenever I'm told.  Sigh....

Tomorrow is the second last Blind Pig for the year.  This time of the year, which incorporates Christmas and New Year are one of the worse times of the year for me.  Social oblivion, and isolation push me close to the edge.  I'm hoping that at least volunteering two days a week will take the edge of my madness.  Pity the madness all resides at home, which I can't escape.

So gaming tomorrow.  I picked up the latest Thunderstone Advanced game: Numenera, which I shall be keen to test drive with some friends.

I also acquired Quarriors which I saw played at the club and piqued my interest.

So that's it for the moment.  Catch you all next time.

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