Sunday, October 20, 2013

A small spark

I has been commented upon that I've found my spark again.  Not sure if that is the case or just a hiccup in the system.

Here in Brisbane (Australia) it is Spring, although I think we have just jumped into Summer.  Bushfires down south (New South Wales) and a worry of extreme weather again this season.

So back to Spring Cleaning.  I went to my local club the Blind Pig last Saturday.  As always it is one of the few days and events that can turn my morbid humour to one of at least increased contentedness.  I got all enthused after playing Super Dungeon Explore (thanks to Simon M, James GG, John R and Tim W [the man you came back to life four times]) I considered painting up my SDE figures.  I'll see if I can find a link or post pictures of the figures James GG did for his set, honestly they are awesome.  He's a far better painter than I, and his work speaks of his passion.  Digressing again (sorry people, I've downed 12 Strongbow to kill the pain and I guess it's showing).  So I was going to paint them until I saw the amount of putty work I'd have to do to fill in the gaps on the figures.  The figures are nice, but this was the first release figures they did (ie many many pieces to make a model). So I gave it up as a bad idea.

Back to Spring Cleaning again.  Invited Owen E to come visit.  I said I had a 55l tub of 15mm DBA style figures that I'd never do anything with (at this stage, may regret this in years to come, should I live that long).  Owen said he only had a small Fiat to fit the box in (ha ha it was a joke!).  In the end Owen took the whole tub home to sort through and hopefully make a heap of DBA armies from them.  He also took home some MERCs stuff and two fleets for Trafalgar (English and French).  I was going to do something for the Age of Sail, but thought it's better going to someone who can do something with it right now.  At the rate I'm going 80 may be a little too late to start the project.

What I did find and thought I'd think about pursuing was the Indian Mutiny for Hordes of the Empire a HotT or DBA style system based for colonial period.  I'm off referencing my historical texts for painting guides, then we'll see what happens.

I've decided to run my signature Uncharted Seas tournament at the beginning of the year next year.  Looks like it will be April 5.  Will have to wait and see what Paul & Bec post on the Blind Pig website and forum (WAU) to confirm.  Will have to start looking for nautical flavoured trophies.

I've been volunteering my services to the Queensland Suicide Register at the invite from Professor Diego de Leo.  Enjoying getting out of the house two days a week and away from my depressingly insane family (no they aren't that bad, it's probably me).  It is interesting work.  I guess it takes one to work in this area.  I guess also coming from a Police and "enforcement" background I'm not all that upset with the work.  Being on deaths door gives one a wonderful perspective on the world.

So my little spark has been ignited. Let's hope it becomes a raging inferno!

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