Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friday Update - Still LotR

So Friday here is Brisbane.

Watching the cricket (Australia vs England), Fringe (Season 2) and rebasing figures (although at the moment in time, typing!).  While it's early days in the cricket, England to win!

Here is the latest batch of figures for LotR converted.  I now have plenty to play any variation.

Top has the Haradrim list.  No elephant, as the GW one will not lend itself to the basing system.

More elements for Gondor/Rohan, Elves (with ent), Heroes.

Almost a decent photo.  My sneaker for Orthanc!

The Fellowship, broken into the best option (in my opinion).
Gandalf, Frodo & Sam - Magician
Aragon, Legolas & Gimli - Hero
Boromir, Pippin & Merry - Hero

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