Friday, November 29, 2013

Saturday Entertainment

I'd like to thank Michael S and his daughter Jaz for visiting me today.  Had an unranked game of Dreadball (Robots versus Veer-Myn).  What a game, scoring almost every turn for both players.  Michael almost had the game over at 6-0, but I managed to drop the score back to 3-0.  No one died on either team, yea!

Also underway is the HotT EPIC Ork project.  Here's whats been based.  Still lots of cosmestic work to be done to touch up the figures.  I used old figures I got through trades for this project.

What has been based to date.

The extras!
 These are the additional element options I've made for my Ork army.  Hiding in the back is the artillery (3 x guns with a stand of troops), two Behemoths in the form of a Battlefortress and Stompa, Magician (element with Weirdboy and a Weirdboy Battlewagon), Hero (Nobs and banners) and three elements of Warband (Nobz).  Quite happy to date with this lot.
The 24AP list ready to roll.
The above is my 24AP list. 4 x Horde (Boyz), 1 x Behemoth (Stompa), 2 x Warband (Nobz), 3 x Riders (Battlewagons), 3 x Knights (Different Battlewagons - ie big gun and deathroller!).

Will post more in due course.  Currently picking through my Imperials to build an opposing force with.

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