Thursday, November 7, 2013

HotT Empire Army List

Classic Empire from 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles

It comes as no surprise that GW have driven many people away from their product.  As a result I have been repurposing my figures to create lots of entertaining HotT armies.  You’ll find elsewhere pictures of my Empire fighting Undead.  Below is my own interpretation.

Mounted Elements

Temple Ritterbruden – Templars of Sigmar, Ulric and Myrmidia.

Hohensknechtes – Secular order of knights; Imperial Guard, High-Helms, Knights Panther and Gryphon Legion.

Statdtsknechtes – Provincial knights of feudal nobles and their retainers – Elector States and Raubritter (robber knights)

Kriegsritter – Mounted militia from the Electoral Provinces.

Foot Elements

Reiksgard – Imperial Guard who protect the Emperor.

Armbrustschutzen – Crossbowmen.

Helblitzen – Good quality troops armed with halberds.

Hakbutschutzen – Troops armed with nmzzle-loading arqubuses.

Ersatzsolder – Mustered troops from the urban population.  Armed with weapons such as halberd, spears, or pikes.  Lightly armoured, shield and hand weapon generally issued.

Landesturm – Rural peasantry.

Bergjaeger – Scouts, trackers and hunters.

Forstjaeger – Skirmishers.

Fleglers – Religious fanatics

Reiks Kanone Batterien – Cannon.


Mandatory elements are 1 x Shooters (Armbrustschutzen) and 1 x Blade (Helblitzen).  The list allows plenty of flexibility to encompass whatever you may have.  This has been developed with the 24AP as standard.

0-1, Aerial Hero (Emperor on Griffon) @ 6AP

0-1, Paladin (Temple Ritterbruden Grand Master) @ 4AP

0-1, Magician (Wizard from one of the Orders) @ 4AP

0-1, Cleric (Priest of Sigmar, Ulric etc) @ 3AP

0-1, Hero (Elector Count) @ 4AP

0-3, Knights (Temple Ritterbruden,  Hohensknechtes, or Statdtsknechtes) @ 2AP

0-1, Riders (Kriegsritter) @ 2AP

1-2, Shooters (Armbrustschutzen) @ 2AP

0-1, Shooters (Hakbutschutzen) @ 2AP

1-2, Blades (Helblitzen) @ 2AP

0-1, Blades (Reiksgard) @ 2AP

0-5, Spears (Ersatzsolder) @ 2AP

0-2, Horde (Landesturm) @ 1AP

0-1, Sneakers (Bergjaeger) @ 3AP

0-1, Lurkers (Forstjaeger) @ 1AP

0-1, Warband (Fleglers) @ 2AP

0-1, Behemoth (Ogres) @ 4AP

0-3, Artillery (Reiks Kanone Batterien) @ 3AP


Additional troops from the following:

0-1 Behemoth (War Wagon, or Steam Tank) @ 4 AP

Stronghold - Fortified Manor house. 

An example of a 24AP army developed from the list.

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