Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dreadball to date

So here's my Dreadball to date.  Two teams, Chromium Chargers a team from Season 2 (on the left) and my cobbled together Veer-myn (Season 1).  A rather nice Perspex board.  I have another of these that I will work on, but at this stage this is it.

Been searching the collection for a suitable referee figure.  Out of all the figures I've collected over the years, do you think I can find any!  Have two robots from Hydra Miniatures I am contemplating on using.

The hover bot has the green light at present as the block bot is rather tall.  If I used the block bot then it would be a short story about it being the first generation referee droid.  I always like making a bit of story to go with all my hobbies.

Check out Hydra Miniatures, they have a great range of figures, especially for Retro Raygun.

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