Friday, November 8, 2013

Saturdays Ramble

I've added a shot of example army created from the lists for Skaven and Empire HotT.  See posts below.

Popped down to ACE Comics Annerley and enjoyed a couple of board games with a friend.  It was very quiet there, either everyone was at Supernova or they were hiding in the other gaming room.



Played two games.  The first time I played this game the group was still learning and we got a few things wrong.  I just didn't get the game.  Today James and I played two games, and I now know what I'm doing.  I won the first game, lost the second.  I really like this game, and recommend it to those who like Marvel and deck building.


Played one game.  Quick to pick up and understand.  Game went really quickly, another group were setting up and getting to grips with Merchants of Venus, we finished as they decided to go off and have lunch.  I won this game (this is becoming a worrying trend, I'm usually bad at winning any game).  I'd like to play with the full four players just to see how the game plays.  I liked it, for what my opinions worth.

Picked up "In Her Majesty's Name" and "A World Aflame",
more miniature rules for figures I have yet to paint.

That's all folks, for the moment.

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