Friday, November 8, 2013

HotT Skaven Army List

Classic Skaven from 3rd edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles


So continuing on from my previous HotT army list, here are the Skaven.


Clanrat Stormvermin – The elite.


Black Skaven Clanrats – The warrior elite, retainers of the Skaven Warlords.


Clanrat Warriors – The bulk of the Skaven forces.


Skavenslaves – Chained and driven into battle, the lowest caste in Skaven society.


Night Runners – Elites of Clan Eshin.


Gutter Runners – Scouts of Clan Eshin.


Plague Censer Bearers- Warpstone ‘incense burners’. 


Plague Monks – A devout order devoted to infection.


Clan Moulder Beastmasters – Handlers of the many beasts that Clan Moulder tamper with.


Poisoned Wind Globadiers – Warpstone gas is trapped within fragile globes, the effects infects the minds of those who are afflicted.


Warpfire-Thrower Teams – Volatile warpfire and arcane ingredients form the fuel of a flaming weapon.


Jezzailachis – Crewed by two Skaven.  A long large calibre musket.




Mandatory elements are 1 x Horde (Skavenslaves) and 3 x Spear (Clanrat Warriors)

0-1, Hero (Favoured Champion) @ 4AP

0-2. Magician (Grey Seer) @ 4AP

0-2, Blade (Clanrat Stormvermin or Black Skaven Clanrats) @ 2AP

3-12, Spear (Clanrat Warriors) @ 2AP

0-1, Shooter (Poisoned Wind Globadiers) @ 2AP

1-24, Horde (Skaven Slaves) @ 1AP

0-2, Lurker (Gutter Runners) @ 1AP

0-1, Sneaker (Night Runner) @ 3AP

0-1, Beast (Clan Moulder Beastmasters – Rat Ogres, Giant Rats) @ 2AP or Behemoth (Clan Moulder Beastmasters – Rat Ogres) @ 4AP

0-1, Artillery (Jezzailachis, Warpfire-Thrower Team) @ 3AP



0-1, God (Horned Rat) @ 4ap

0-1, Behemoth (Doom Wheel) @ 4Ap

Stronghold – Squalid city of Skavenblight.

An example of a 24AP army created from the list.

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