Saturday, November 2, 2013

What's on the shelf

This will be an occasional series.  I take no credit for originality, I pinched the idea from The Dice Tower, thought I'd give it a go.  So here goes.

Top shelf!
Nuclear War:  A fun card game of mutual annihilation.  Played often in the 1980's amongst the group of people who were my closest friends at that point in time.  Highly recommended.

World of Greyhawk: A RPG source for the (oddly enough) world of Greyhawk.  Was used as reference for a PBM (Play By Mail) game popular in Brisbane at the time (early/mid 80's).  Kept purely for nostalgia.

Conan: An RPG by TSR.  Used as a source book.  I had a habit in the 80's of buying almost every RPG that game out.

Boot Hill: An RPG by TSR.  Wild West gunfighting.  Popular for a while, until the next RPG hit the stores.  Kept for nostalgia.

Top Secret: An RPG by TSR.  Spies, James Bond, the cold war was still happening in the 80's.  Was a popular game fun by a very old friend (Michael Mulhern).  This has a lot of sentimental reasons for keeping it.  Another boxed version Top Secret/S.I was released some time after the original.

DragonQuest: An RPG by SPI.  A favourite amongst another cable of gamers.  Was ahead of it's time when it was released, which is why I think it didn't get the following it deserved.

Ravenloft: An RPG by TSR. Loved Gothic Horror, always have.  Mainly reference material these days.

Dark Sun: An RPG by TSR.  One of my main RPGs I ran in the late 80's.  Lots of fun.

Dungeon!: Boardgame produced under licence by Jedko Games. 

Tunnels & Trolls: An RPG by Flying Buffalo.  This is a boxed edition that houses my originals.  This was a light hearted game that was not taken seriously due to the fun titles of spells.  Sill it was fun, there was a release called Monsters! (Monsters!, can't quite remember if it was repeated, too lazy to get up and have a look or google it) which reversed the roles, you placed the "bad guys" fighting agains those nasty heroes who kept trying to invade your home and steal your treasure (and life).

Invasion Earth.  A miniature set of rules for Doctor Who, produced by Harlequin Miniatures (?).  This box set contained figures (Daleks, everyone has to own at least a few Daleks), which was the main reason I purchased this.  Rules, can't really comment on.  They're there, and that's all I can say.

Wabbit Wampage:  Boardgame.  You play the rabbits out to win against the farmer and his "minions".  Fun game.

Star Commander: Card game of Starship construction (and destruction). 

Circus Maximus: Chariot racing of the most complex nature.  I only ever played with the a friend who was a number cruncher and enjoyed those types of games.  Me I just asked this is what I want to do, can I do, and what do I roll and what do I need to win!

Enemy in Sight:  A card game.  Was recommend to me by Tony White of Napoleons Military Bookshop.  Never actually played it.  On my list of games I will get around to playing.

Civilisation: Board game that started it all.  The original is the best (which this is).

Hamanaptra: An RPG boxed set of source books.  I used it for my Wargods of Aegyptus games.

Traveller 2300:  Sci-fi RPG by GDW.  Kept as I hate throwing out games.

Gamma World: An RPG by TSR.  The fun game we played a lot of.  Kept for nostalgia.

Dawn Patrol: Really a game of WWI air combat, why they tried to sell it as a "Role Playing Game of WWI air combat" I really don't know.  Played with an old friend who is sadly no longer alive.

Second shelf from top.
Chaos Marauders: Until reprinted by FFG, this was a rather hard to get hold of game.  Fun game, card placement mechanics. 
Judge Dredd, The Role-playing Game: GW tried their hand at every thing in the 80's, some of it good some of it, well... I bought this purely as reference material.  It was a hard system to run as most of the people I gamed with couldn't get their idea around role-playing Judges. 
Blood Royale: Board game by GW.  Played once.  Crudely referred to the "on your back and breed" game of empire building and dynastic marriage.  Played once or twice, and has been a shelf warmer since.
Warrior Knights: Board game by GW.  Never actually played.  I do have the FFG version (don't ask me why, still trying to figure that one out!).
Fury of Dracula: Board game by GW.  One of the most popular games played amongst my friends in the late 80's.  I love this game, and look forward to playing it again one day when I have a regular group of players.
Block Mania: A board game by GW.  Based in the Judge Dredd universe.  Played once, from memory.  Seemed to like it.  Kept as it's part of my GW collection.
Rogue Trooper: A board game by GW.  This was one based on another character story from the 2000AD comics.  I enjoyed the Rogue Trooper comic, the board game was OK from memory.
Curse of the Mummys Tomb: A board game by GW.  Played once. 
Judge Dredd: A board game by GW.  Similar to Rogue Trooper.  Played once or twice.
Chainsaw Warrior: A solo board game by GW.  There is no an app which you can buy online.  Quicker than setting up and playing the "hard copy".  Good for it's time.

Final shelf, the middle one.
The Battle of Five Armies: Board game by ICE.  Played once.  Kept because it's Tolkien material!
The Lonely Mountain: Board game by ICE.  Played this a few times.  Seemed to recall it as a fun game at the time.  Must play again.
Settlers of Catan: Board game by Mayfair Games.  Who doesn't know about Catan.  Played once, not enjoyed by many of the group.  I liked it.
Babylon Wars: Tactical ship to ship combat similar to Star Fleet Battles.  If you liked SFB, then you'll most likely like this one.
Ragnarok: Miniature rules.  Purchased as they were available at the time, and I collect rules. 
Talisman: Board game by GW.  This game is still the most enjoyed game in my family.  My wife loves this game, as do I.  Competitive players don't seem to hold it in high esteem.  The container above holds the metal figures that Citadel released for the characters.  Before FFG re-released this game I was offered obscene sums of money for my set (it includes all the expansions).  Kept because it's one of the few games my wife will play.
Starfire: Starship/fleet combat game. 
The Tragedy of McDeath: Scenario pack for Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
Warhammer: Minaiture (though also toted as a RPG) rules that started the whole GW saga.  Kept because its a 1st edition in pristine condition.
Warhammer: 2nd Edition set of the miniature rules by GW.
Bommerz Over Da Suplhur River: Board game by GW.  Only ever played this at a GW store.  My copy has never been used.  Fun, simple game.
So that's it for the moment.  Maybe some in the times to come, maybe not! 

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