Friday, April 23, 2010

Work progresses

I've been whittling away at a number of projects on the table.

I've finished my first section of 12 Septics, another 12 are in stage 2 of preparation.

My frogs and turtles from Eureka arrived today and I am thrilled with the figures. I was surprised at the size of the turtles, they are quite small. The frogs though are worth their weight in gold. Excellent casts. The toad riders I'm tickled pink with. The main toad body is resin with the feet (and in the case of one toad, its tongue) made of metal.

I was pleased that a sample was provided for the forthcoming Shen figures for Empire of the Petal Throne. I love this genre, and the figures that Eureka produce have made me a very happy (if somewhat financially poor) man. Now I have to decide what rule system to base them to.

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