Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday's Madness

Still in the dark grips of dispair. Been resting, and contemplating tomorrow first day of treatment.

In between being out of it I did do little painting and work.

I've built my first lot of islands for Uncharted Seas. They are currently drying and I will paint, flock and tree/bush addition. Will have to wait until Friday before I can do anything else.

Pulp Fiction cyborg ape has been painted and based. Just a few more details to add before it is finished.

Working on Canine Remains, as well as Peacekeeper. Also started my WWII Septics.

There's nothing like having half a dozen projects on the go.

I got my TDSC figures from Battlescape this morning. I bought some time ago some Matchbox vehicles and the 20mm figures match the vehicles nicely. So you can expect some Zombie games in the coming months.

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