Saturday, April 24, 2010

Not a profitable day project wise.

Nice lie in today, I got to rest until 8:30am before my little grey cat decided that singing in the shower has wonderful accoustics.

Had John Ross come visit for most of the morning. He was wondering about Doctor Who, seeing I gave him the RPG material. I had a quick dig and found my totally inadequate collection of figures. John Pertwee has and will always be my favourite Doctor. I did enjoy Tom Baker, but all the other actors just didn't cut the mustard with me. I did a check and found I had:

Doctor Who (3rd Incarnation)
Sarah Jane Smith (my personal favourite)
Brigidier Lethbridge-Stewart
Captain Yates
Sergeant Benton
About 6 UNIT troops
UNIT Bazooka Team
5 Daleks

and that's it! Pathetic isn't it! So guess who's off to have look at getting some more Doctor Who figures. I need Cybermen, Ice Warriors, Ogryns (not sure of the spelling there), Silurians, Dalek slaves, damn it, I need too many to name.

If you have any Doctor Who figures let me know, I'll do a deal.

Listened to some more Piorot.

Really enjoyed Clash of the Titans soundtrack.

Finished basing my 1st section of WWII Septics. Second one almost done, just flesh, wash and basing to go.

Still eyeing my Frogs and Turtles, so I may deviate and paint some up tomorrow.

Still have to take photo's of figures for people.

I'll also post some of my "white" eldar that I painted a long time ago. Luke wants to know how I handle white.

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