Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cactus Jack

Cactus Jack! That's me...., that's how I feel. I saw this movie literally decades ago. I think that it was the first movie Arnie stared in. I got it real cheap from BigW for a massive $6.95 (or there abouts).

Visiting my Second Hand Bookshop was good. I picked up a "Naval Wargaming from Ancient Galleys to Modern u-Boats' by Paul Hague. It's hardcover, 123 pages retailed in 1992 for 14.99 pound sterling, which would have meant it would have been about AUS$45 back then. I paid the princely sum of $9.50, which I thought was a damn good buy.

Other titles I picked up were:
British Orders Decorations & Medals
From the end of the Peloponnesian War to the battle of Ipsus
Alexander the Great and the Logistics of the Macedonian Army
The Use of Documentary Evidence in the Study of Roman Imperial History
Ancient Mesopotomia: Protrait of a Dead Civilisation
'I counted them all out and I counted them all back' The battle for the Falklands

With the cost of the Naval Wargaming book I paid the price of $40 for the lot. Real happy with that.

Went and had a good search of DrivethruRPG and bought a whole lot of rulebooks. Real cheap, and it gives me a good idea if I ever want to buy tham as hard copy.

Did find 'Song of Fur and Buttons', as I mentioned previously. I went and bought the Warrior Frogs and Turtles from Eureka tonight. Looking forward to these, as I've been humming and haaing for some time about them.

For Malifaux:
Based my Peacekeeper on the tiled base from 'Heble'. I'm hoping that the raised tile sections will allow the Peacekeeper to 'stick' properly to the base. A little off centre as a model, but I think that it will survive.
Leveticus and Rusty Alyce are based, as is Hamelin. They all now await varnishing.

My latest order from Old Glory arrived on Monday, which cheered me up to some degree. The last of my Septic Tanks (Yanks for those not in the know) arrived along with vehicles. The vehicles are resin and metal, and are 1/60th scale, which look rather small against the 25/28mm figures. I will bulk out the range with 1/48 vehicles as soon as I can find a supplier that can stock a decent range.

As a spur I went and had another look at Old Glory and ordered more Gothic Horror/Vampire War figures. Look forward to seeing more alternate Malifaux based figures, God Save the Queen! Gads to think that I'll have to wrap my tongue around God Save the King eventually, hopefully not for a while though.

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