Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mondays work

Monday has been a relatively moderate productive one.

I've surged ahead and painted up some more of my Septics. So far I have three sections painted, of 12 men a piece.

Pottered about with the resin vehicles for my Septics. I have three half-tracks, two recon jeeps and a Sherman. The resin is not the highest quality, but I think from memory I only paid about $13.50 a vehicle. Compare that to 1/48th scale cost of about $50 a model, I guess that I can't complain.

I'll post some pictures of the Septics when I can. I plan that they will be good for WWII and for my Pulp Fiction Science Fiction range. That reminds me I must paint up my flying saucers soon.

So I'm winding down for the day. Hospital tomorrow. I have a beer in my hand, my grey cat Tarra has curled up beside the computer, and life, for a short period of time, is good. Or is that the beer speaking...

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