Thursday, April 15, 2010

Malifaux Britannia

As you can see for the pictures below I've been busy.

At present the figures have been acquired and are still in the process of being painted. The figures below still have some work to be done on them, namely the faces.

So I'm musing with a Britannian feel with a good dose of LXG.

Master - Dr Bell
Totem - British Bulldog
Jack the Ripper
Van Helsing
Lord Goldaming
Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde
Mrs Harker/Vampyre Harker
Colonial Police
Invisible Man
Dr Watson

The other twist will be Vlad Dracul
Master - Count Alucard (sorry Helsing is coming to the fore)
Totem - Undecided yet
Vampyre Brides
Kosack Guards

The whole left and right field are up for grabs.

Rules will be forthcoming, I'll then be looking for playtesters to pull my genious apart. Good luck there though.

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