Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My brain hurts...

Yesterday was a day of mixed sorts, a bit like liqourice all sorts.

Horrible, horrible brain death.

Had Dan come and battle for Blood Bowl. My loosing streak continues, but at least the Orcs now have a troll and a goblin.

Pain would'nt go away. Cancelled doctors appointment, probably not the brightest idea, but the pain slowly receded. Enough for my second visitor and a bash at Napoleonics, which I continue to loose at.

I'm now working on my Prussians. I spent today sorting through all the figures, and placed another order with Old Glory. All up I think I've got all that I really need now, just some odd pieces to flesh out the army.

Russians will most likely be the next army for that period.

While sorting through my figures and deciding how to organise my units, I decided to tackle my WWI range. Things are looking good, only a few more packets to, like with the Prussians, flesh out the armies. My British and Germans are looking good. I refuse to even consider the French. I'm thinking that Palestine could be interesting when the expansion eventually gets released.

So, not a really productive day.

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  1. I'm going to have to learn Blood Bowl one of these days...