Friday, February 19, 2010

Todays Milstones...

Did a bit of shopping. Popped into JB Hi-Fi to see what was out. Snagged Volume 3 of D-Gray Man (anime), SeaQuest Season 2 (real cheap at $25) and I had to get AvP (Alien vs Predator) for Liam and his X-Box.

So getting home I sorted through my miniature boxes, trying to find my Warmachine figures. Finding them, and then wishig I'd painted them differently. No, I will not be stripping or repainting them. Although I may give my Menoth away to some deserving person in time. Lost interest in Hordes, and thank the maker that I didn't invest heavily in this line. Warmachine will do for me, although I may buy the occassional Hordes model if I like it.

Malifaux continues to be on the table and on the boil. I've painted up my Mosquito's for Som'er Teeth Jones, with two interesting conversions. I've nicked two of the Gremlins and made them the victims of the Mosquito. I'll have pictures up on this blog tomorrow. I think they turned out OK.

Tonight it's rest time. I'll muck about here on the blog and then do a little reading.

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